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1:00 PM Registration Begins with cabin assignments and exploring beautiful Rock Eagle 4-H Center

4:00 PM The Early Bird Discussion Meeting Sets the Stage for the Weekend to Come

5:15 PM We all share a terrific Barbecue Cookout

6:30 PM A Cabin meeting gets you acquainted with the other guys in your cabin.

7:30 PM Opening Speaker Meeting

9:30 PM A Snack break for sharing of fun and goodies

10:00 PM After Hours Break out Sessions Begin - Three breakout session topics are chosen for each workshop. Below are examples of what you might find on Friday night. Choose what speaks to you!

Grief and Acceptance

Sex & Sobriety: Relationships in Recovery led by a prominent doctor

Relapse and Reentry

Sobriety in the Workplace

Sponsorship: Getting, Being, Using

Spirituality & Religion: The Difference


.......just to mention a few.


7:30 AM Breakfast: (All meals are included in your registration fee)

8:00 AM The Magic & Power of the 12 Steps - Three Speakers Share Their Experience

10:00 AM PICK YOUR STEP: Breakout into groups to learn more about the Step you are on.

12:00 PM Lunch in the Dining Hall

1:00 PM Either a Marathon Discussion or Special Topic such as "The History of AA"

5:30 PM Dinner in the Dining Hall

7:00 PM Saturday Night Speaker Meeting

9:00 PM Snacks and Fellowship

10:00 PM After Hours Breakout Sessions Begin


7:00 AM Breakfast in the Dining Hall

8:30 AM Closing Spirituality Meeting

11:00 AM Workshop ends around 11 AM after the morning meeting

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